Helexo maintains strong relationships with key vendors and marketing channels to ensure the very best in creating integrated marketing solutions.

Our aim is to focus on your staff and HR requirements while your focus can remain on your core business.

  • SEO
    Search engine optimization services from Helexo ensure that good quality traffic is directed to your website via key words and phrases that will assist in ensuring conversion.

  • Pay Per Click
    PPC advertising is a critical tool in reaching the correct audience. Not only is it targeted, but good PPC is delivered through finding the balance between your budget and good results. Helexo Ion develops and implements PPC strategies which include writing and placement of adverts.

  • Search Engine Reputation Management
    Customer is king… especially with the wide range media available to him – blogging, websites, social media, forums… Online reputation management is therefore key in maintaining brand strength.

    Helexo offers several proactive and rock solid SERM strategies that will assist in keeping your brand on track.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization
    Great website design – check. Quality traffic – check. It doesn’t end there. Helexo conversion rate optimization (CRO) is where we simply excel. From design through to traffic generation and conversion, leave this in our capable hands.

  • Website Analytics
    Helexo has partnered with the leading analytics firms and has a number of tools and strategies at its disposal. This ensures that we can integrate tracking in less than 24 hours, ensuring that you are always aware of the (quality) traffic to your site. We also provide comprehensive traffic reports on a daily or weekly basis.

    We also provide website audits that can help you customize your site to optimize it for both search engines and users.

  • Social Networks and Brand Exposure
    Use social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Linkedin to get more business online. From Facebook apps to two way text messages, we'll ensure that your message gets to the right audience.


In today's competitive world it's vital that your corporate brand has a strong identity.

Your website must be well-developed, attractive, user-friendly and informative for the end user, and is a key element in gaining competitive advantage in a crowded market place.

Helexo has developed strong relationships with highly creative and efficient teams of designers, copywriters, developers and SEO specialists that can ensure your website meets all the criteria and can be used as a integrated marketing tool.

In addition to design, Helexo offers services such as:

  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • PPC (pay per click)
  • Search Engine Reputation Management
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Website Analytics
  • Brand Exposure via Social Networks

These services are offered on an individual basis, as well as part of an integrated website solution.